What can a 10 year old do?

Did you hear about the 10-year-old who rode his bike across the George Washington Bridge to New York City?!
He says he, “pedaled twenty miles down unfamiliar roads and busy streets, past neighbors and strangers, out into the unknown….I didn’t need help form anyone. It took me all day, but I found the way and did it myself.”
Later on, this independence seems to have served him well.
He went to the moon.
His name is Buzz Aldrin, and that’s a passage from the autobiography he wrote to inspire kids.
Better not inspire them too much.


“When I was almost fifteen, my best friend… and I decided that we wanted to take a tramp steamer to Europe. So after using this threat for several weeks to kind of soften up our parents, we kind of reduced the threat to flying to England on a charter flight and spending six weeks traveling in England in youth hostels.”



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