You want joy? You want freedom. You want freedom? You want SVS!

Joy: A Subject Schools Lack
Becoming educated should not require giving up pleasure.

“The traditional view of such moments [of joy in kids] is that they constitute a charming but irrelevant byproduct of youth—something to be pushed aside to make room for more important qualities, like perseverance, obligation, and practicality. Yet moments like this one are just the kind of intense absorption and pleasure adults spend the rest of their lives seeking.”


You want joy? You want freedom. You want freedom? You want SVS! I can hardly peel my 7 year old away when I come to pick him up at his sudbury school. “Can you come back in an hour?” is the typical request. Of course the joy just continues at home though. So we’re good.

Not that Sudbury Schools necessarily have the market on “joy-based education”. And not that freedom isn’t a lot of work. It’s that too. But to see the amount of happiness that is possible is reassuring.

Meanwhile it seems most people are busy blaming themselves for being depressed or stupid (or you name it) and not seeing that a large part of it (or sometimes 100%!) is their school and their school’s impact (via homework, grades, competition) on their home lives as well. It’s crazy-making. But it’s a structural problem — their educational institution is insane. Not them.

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