“Schools should be on the edge of chaos”

“We are inspired by the way kindergarten students learn through a spiraling process in which they imagine what they want to do, create a project based on their ideas, play with their creations, share their ideas and creations with others, and reflect on their experiences – all of which leads them to imagine new ideas and new projects.”

From: A case for life-long kindergarten, Mitch Resnick

Sounds like Sudbury Valley School, except that it *is* that way for all ages.

Every day is show-and-tell day at SVS (or not)

“Schools should be on the edge of chaos”
from SchoolsForTomorrow: Session 3 – The Students

Learning Spiral:

From article:
All I Really Need to Know (About Creative Thinking) I Learned (By Studying How Children Learn) in Kindergarten
Mitch Resnick


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