Blended learning at Sudbury Valley School

So… there is this thing apparently… called Blended Learning. And I am sorry, but this is just another case where I can’t help but say… yes, but students at Sudbury Valley School have been doing this for 45+ years. What’s the big deal?

Wikipedia ( ) says blended learning is when “…a student learns at least in part through delivery of content and instruction via digital and online media with some element of student control over time, place, path, or pace.”

1) partially digital/online content — CHECK
2) student control over time, place, path or pace — CHECK

That’s because:
1) There is no curriculum at Sudbury Schools
2) And there is free access to the internet and all forms of media.

So yeah, blended learning, flip the classroom, mentoring, etc. Knock yourself out. Whatever works for you. That’s the important thing.


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