You have your whole life to refine your mind…

You have your entire life to refine your mind. But if you don’t refine your body when you are a kid, you might struggle your entire life! And who likes being overweight? No one, last I checked!

Does school teach the following? Do parents know?

1. Childhood obesity has been found to be the greatest risk factor for premature death due to chronic disease.
2. Many adult cancers are linked to poor childhood nutrition.
3. May 2008 in the journal Nature — “…people who got fat during childhood may find it more difficult to shift the weight later in life”

Yesterday one of my kids came home from school and informed me that he was outside and running around for “6 hours” that day — fort-building, ultimate frisbee games, a 3-way tag/capture-the-flag game that someone had invented, etc, etc. He only went inside to sign-in and out, use the bathroom, and grab his lunch (which he ate outside).

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