10,000 hours at a Sudbury School

There’s a book about how 10,000 hours is a rough estimate of how many hours it takes to get good at something (Outliers). Well how about getting good at being you? What is better than that?

So let’s say you go to a Sudbury School starting at Pre-K through 12th grade. Well, there are no grades at Sudbury Schools — it’s completely age-mixed — but you get the idea… that’s 14 years.

So let’s assume a low-end of say 5 hours a day in school (that’s where the “900 learning hours” at many public schools comes from. 900 = 180 days * 5 hrs)

So that is 14 years * 180 days/yr * 5 hrs/day = 12,600 hours

That’s right, you’ve got an extra 12,600 hours to be yourself as a kid when you go to a Sudbury School. Wow.

2 childhoods for the price of 1? Priceless.

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