Bernie Sanders on NPR — followup with data from NPR’s search tool

(A quick follow-up to my post:

Thanks to sesto from the comments section at the link below for this breakdown of the NPR data (as far as what they make available to the public)

And another good commenter:
“This is a lame response, starting right out from the title labeling Bernie supporters as “devotees.””

sesto • 20 hours ago
If you want a flat-out comparison of NPR’s bias and relative avoidance of Sanders, check out their candidate pages at NPR:

Bernie Sanders: 14 stories in 2015
Hillary Clinton: 76 stories in 2015, 13 just since July 1.

That 542% more for coverage of Hillary. Need more proof of bias?

Here are some numbers to demonstrate the uneven coverage, taken from NPR’s search page.

Includes “Hillary Clinton”: 236.
Includes “Hillary Clinton”, excludes “Bernie Sanders”: 188.
Includes “Bernie Sanders”: 66.
Includes “Bernie Sanders”, excludes “Hillary Clinton”: 13.
Includes “Hillary Clinton” and “Bernie Sanders”: 48.

Of NPR’s recent coverage of Hillary, 80% of it excludes Bernie Sanders. Of NPR’s coverage of Bernie Sanders, only 20% of it excludes Hillary Clinton. Interestingly, when you limit results to only what was heard on air, the percentages are the same, but the numbers are even worse:

“Hillary Clinton” heard on the air: 113.
“Hillary Clinton”, without “Bernie Sanders”: 91.
“Bernie Sanders” heard on the air: 27.
“Bernie Sanders”, without “Hillary Clinton”: 5. (and only one of those is specifically about Bernie Sanders).

It seems clear that NPR is all but incapable of discussing Bernie Sanders without bringing up Hillary, but they have no problem doing the opposite. The imbalance in coverage is quite clear. If they truly consider themselves to be impartial, they must grant equal time to all candidates, regardless of what the polls say about who’s “ahead” in this fake horse race. They’ve got some catching up to do.

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