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Kids are fully human

“[W]hat has struck me the longer I have worked with children is how much they are like adults, how little I need, on some level, the philosophies of Jerome Brunar, Piaget, Lev Vygotzkgy”

“I will share a new song, but so will the children. I will teach table manners, but so will the children. I’ll comfort when child is hurt or when there’s a dispute, but sometimes the children do this with more ease and grace than us adults.”

“In a universal way a toddler will handle a problem often in a way I would admire, laughing with a friend and looking deeply into her friend’s eyes until the friend is laughing. Coming to watch and observe a friend who is crying, to see what is wrong and how to help. Organizing a game which pulls others in and makes one and others happy, interested, engaged, purposeful.”

Well said.

excerpts from a post at: Maria West’s blog

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