Here’s a post where I will collect interesting posts discussing the flaws in the SHARE THE ROAD yellow diamond signs and why MAY USE FULL LANE (R4-11) is much better.  Some towns and cities have already begun to change their signs. (Columbus Ohio — http://road.cc/content/news/203414-us-city-replace-share-road-signs-bikes-may-use-full-lane-ones)

  1. It’s linguistically clearer
  2. It shouldn’t be a yellow-diamond warning sign.  It should be a white rectangular informational sign.
  3. The MAY USE FULL LANE (R4-11) is already in use
  4. There is even an add-on — “R4-11aP” CHANGE LANES TO PASS http://azbikelaw.org/change-lanes-to-pass/

“A yellow diamond sign is for warning drivers of potentially hazardous road conditions, whereas the Bikes May Use Full Lane signs are white rectangles, which are regulatory signs that control lane use. We believe it is more appropriate to treat bicyclists less like potential hazards and more like the legal road users that they are, and to remind other road users of that fact.”

OK, on to the links for your consideration:

1. Critique of Share the Road (2012) https://bicyclingmatters.wordpress.com/infrastructure/critique-of-the-share-the-road-sign/

2. Share The Road stinks (2010)


3. Crazy Driver Buzzes Cyclist and Incites a Heated Argument (Youtube 2016)


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