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Finding a builder or contractor


“Local builders aren’t getting it

Butson says the local builders he’s contacted haven’t been of much help.

“More broadly, I am slowly coming to terms with the fact that I will have to do most of the engineering work for this renovation,” he says. “I have hired an architect who can create plans and construction details for what I want to execute. What I have not been able to find is a builder who seems to understand these issues or possible solutions.”

Butson has spoken to several builders, but they all insist that he will need heating cables.

“I fundamentally disagree with this, but I doubt I will be able to convince them otherwise,” he says, “and even if I do them, I don’t have confidence in their ability to execute the necessary modifications and details.”

For homeowners in search of a builder who is familiar with building science principles, one option, according to Holladay, is to contact a local energy rater certified by RESNET ( tor the Building Performance Institute ( To find a local energy rater, Butson can use the search function on one or both of these two websites.

“Call up the energy rater and ask for the names of local contractors who understand energy issues, building performance issues, and building science issues,” Holladay says. “Good luck.”

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“The World Health Organization is recommending that the radon
action level be reduced to 2.7 PC/L from the US current standard of 4 PC/L”

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