Erik’s coding/software engineering links for Feb 2018

1. Avoid Else, Return Early
COMPLETELY AGREE! I learned this basic idea from a grad-student teaching Freshman CS201 Pascal in 1988

2. Ranking in SQL using self-joins is a silly solution O(n^2) LINK

3. Cool SQL solutions to “top N per group” issue

4. Organization skills beat algorithmic wizardry

5. You’re scaling your app too early

6. RAM is cheaper than software engineers
“given sufficient RAM that it never has to go to disk. I’m hoping that it will run fast enough that my friend won’t have to pay his contract programmer to improve the performance.”

7. What goes into a good job ladder

8. “Most of the “methodology” issues in today’s software engineering/development industry were solved decades ago by practitioners of systems engineering while building rockets, etc. Good resources:‘s Systems Engineering Body of Knowledge, NASA’s Systems Engineering Handbook, MIT’s Systems Engineering Fundamentals.”

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