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Just say IPad Mini? (2012 Holiday / XMas Tablet Shopping Guide)

When the IPad Mini was released, the first review I read was negative, but it seems like many prefer the Mini to the fullsize. I think it really depends on your needs. I already have a 10″ Android tablet that gets used around the house primarily for Youtube and Netflix and games. No need for another tablet here. But if I commuted daily on the train, I could see it being useful to have an LTE IPad Mini or Nexus 7.

Preference: Apple IPad Mini
(Pros – LTE available, Price, weight, size=>easier to fit in purses, jacket pockets, etc)



The Wirecutter

NY Times

Preference: Apple IPad “3” (and current “4” w/ faster A6X Graphics)
(Pros — LTE and Retina Screen)

Dave Winer/Scripting News/Gizmodo,
article 2

Background on the Apple IPad Mini

Vs Androd / Nexus 7 / Amazon Fire HD (Pros – price!)

Apple displays are better color wise but the Android 7″ displays hae higher resolution

Bottom line

Overall? IPad Mini or Android 7″ tablet (Google Nexus 7, Amazon Fire HD). I think this really comes down to whether you know there are Apple/iOS only apps or games you want/need. If not, you might be happier with Android because of price and screen resolution.

Price? Android 7″ tablet (Google Nexus 7, Amazon Fire HD)

Games? Apps? IPad Mini

Eyesight/reading? IPad 4 or 7″ Android tablets (all are “Retina”)

Second iPad: IPad Mini

School/Work: Apple Macbook Air / Thinkpad T430 or Dell Laptop!

Wait for Retina IPad Mini? This will take quite a while. Don’t wait.

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“Enough with the apps already”

I think Dave Winer will be proven right on this. Apps will die. The web will live. Why? Because of linking. LINK

And perhaps the ease of making mobile-friendly web pages and “responsive web design”, even websites which act just like a native app on the iPhones or Androids of the world — have you seen in a Chrome browser?

Just about the only thing which will stay apps are video games since linking is not (or at least, less) important in a game since games are usually self-contained universes. And even there I might be a little wrong.

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“There are no apps in this category that are compatible with your device.”

You are checking out the “Amazon Appstore for Android” and you see this message. (For example, when I click on “Newspapers” or “Sports” on my Android tablet I see it at the moment). I suspect that many of the categories have “Kindle Fire” only apps at this point. I assume this will change someday.

Learning what a tablet might be useful for. Entertainment mostly at the moment for most people it seems. Web-browsing. This might be proven naive soon enough. Even most of the flash-based games the kiddo likes on the netbook won’t work here since they require a mouse and arrow keys. Flash itself works fine in android… but these games were designed for different input and will need retooling.

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Who wrote “Here’s to the crazy ones…” ?

In case you see lots of “Here’s to the crazy ones” quotes today. That’s not Steve Jobs. That’s an Apple ad campaign. Come on people!

Overall story:

Who specifically wrote it? (Ken Segall, of TBWA/Chiat/Day)

His 2005 Commencement Address at Stanford

(Reminder to self: Time to buy a tablet. But probably not an iPad2.)

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VS: Erik’s Ipad vs Xoom Review

You’re trying to decide between a Apple iPad 2 and a Motorola Xoom running Android 3.0 (“Gingerbread”)

My summary is that if there are specific apps or games that you know you want or if you are an app-aholic, get an iPad. Otherwise get a Xoom since all the basics — web brower, google apps, dropbox, netflix, etc work just great on a Xoom. And flash works!

Buy an iPad 2 at Amazon
Buy a Xoom at Amazon

Here are the issues:

  1. Price. Advantage Xoom. At Amazon at least!
  2. Battery life. equal. But Xoom is probably replaceable. Advantage Xoom.
  3. Weight: iPad is lighter
  4. Screen Format: Xoom is 16:9 (nearly. 16:10 actually), iPad is 4:3
  5. Screen Resolution: About the same but Xoom is higher res and some say easier to read.
  6. Flash support. Advantage Xoom. Lots of wesbites still use Flash, not HTML5.
  7. 3g/4g: Xoom is 4G upgradeable in Sept 2011 via Verizon
  8. Generally, if you care about “special” apps: Advantage iPad. A number of apps are iPad only at the moment — like the NewYorker, Flipboard, etc. And the Apple App Store is a better environment for evaluating and finding apps. Though word on the street is that the Amazon Android App Store is the up-and-coming solution to this on the Android side.
  9. Google Docs. Either is fine. Works great either way.
  10. If you care about Web: Advantage Xoom (see #5 flash support)
  11. Need Minecraft? Advantage Xoom. Android can run Minedroid nicely
  12. Cheap Keyboard? Advantage Xoom. A USB keyboard will usually “just work”. The iPad can use the Apple Wireless Keyboard (Xoom too), but that costs more than nothing. Well, you’ll need a $3 micro adapter from Amazon. Search on “Micro USB Male to USB A Female Adapter”

  13. Video Out. Both have HDMI. The Xoom just needs a $6 micro-HDMI cable from Amazon. No dock needed. That’s misinformation.

OK, that’s my list as of 9/9/2011. I’ll check back in a few months and see if I still agree!

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