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Negative attitudes about school

I’ve started a “Negative attitudes about school” youtube playlist. If you know of any videos to add to my list, let me know!

This is the EXACT OPPOSITE of how my kids feel about school. But that’s because they go to . Instead they are:
1. Happy when school starts in September.
2. Sad when it stops in June.
3. A bit bummed when there is a snow day.

Sure they enjoy a fun dumping of snow every now and then, but generally they really like going to school because they get to do their own thing for 5 or 6 hours without their parents bugging them. Not that we bug them much at home, but kids like to do their own thing. Even 4-year-olds!

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We learn to think by thinking…

“We learn to think by thinking. We think even as small children, amazingly, without the help of algebra or art history. What happens is that people stop kids from thinking by telling them the truth and failing to have conversations with them that might challenge their beliefs or force them to defend their ideas. We learn to think through intellectual engagement and intellectual combat, not through indoctrination.”
— Roger Schank

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SO BRAVE: decision-making using anecdotes vs data

“So to avoid bravery debate framing, here is a table showing the tradeoffs.” (for decision-making using anecdotes vs data)

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Do Nots for parents?

Do not make your children eat greens

Do not praise

*Do* love your kids unconditionally.

*Do* respect (more important than love?)
(Peter Gray, the author of this post also talks about the huge increase in narcissism and corresponding decrease in empathy that has been measured since the late 1970s LINK)

Why I’m Not Raising a ‘Good Girl’

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“[W]e didn’t subject our most highly paid professionals [doctors, lawyers, etc] to international competition in the same way as manufacturing workers. In fact in some ways we increased their protection. This matters because the inequality resulting from globalization was by design, not an accidental outcome.”

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“We all know that robots are making it impossible for people without a college degree to get jobs. That’s a basic fact about the economy known to all right-thinking people. And, just like most of the other “facts” about the economy known by right-thinking people, it happens not to be true.”

Data Refuses to Cooperate with Mainstream Education Story
Dean Baker
Sunday, 08 March 2015 07:52

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What kind of programmer are you?

“If I were in my teens today, Zuck would not be my role model.
You know who would be my role model? Banksy!”

See also:

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