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ethical meat is solar and…

The NY Times “Ethicist” column had a writing contest. The winner: Give Thanks for Meat

??? Yes and No. The killing issue aside–though HOW that is done is also important (Temple Grandin!)–the problem I see is that it is 99.9% impossible to buy such ethical meat in a store. At least Whole Foods pretty much admits that–they have a ranking system 1-5 (5 best I believe?) and one never sees meat above a 2 I think it is (and this is organic). Our biodynamic CSA back in Amherst (brookfield) had once or twice a year meat sales, and this probably qualifies. And backyard eggs.

– solar (limit fossil fuels used in the farming and raising) (Michael Pollan)
– ethical treatment including leading up to and slaughter (Temple Grandin)
– part of a biodynamic process (Brookfield Farm)
– local (again limiting some fossil fuels, and also supporting the local economy)

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