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Is Facebook a private blog?

What is keeping blogs from becoming an “open-source” replacement for Twitter and Facebook? It’s not much, but they are important usability issues.

To me it is sorta like Apple/Steve Jobs and the iPhone. What did he/they do that was different from what had been done before? Not much, but important stuff. They obsessed over a million little things and put it together in a precise, perfect way that made the experience great vs the other blah stuff.

The comment thread here has a few suggestions
– subscriptions to other blogs should be easier
– the default view for one’s blog should be the aggregator/river view of all the people you are following with the slot for writing a new post at the top

Other things Facebook improvements:
– no subjects (in both posts and private messages/FB emails) Most blogs still use subjects, though they don’t need to.
And a big one they don’t mention in the link above:
– Privacy. Sharing with just friends or friends of friends.
– Drag and drop media sharing. Maybe it’s this easy with some blogs but not in my current WordPress one…

Someone will think of a clever way to improve blog interfaces and do the privacy thing in an open internet-y way outside of Facebook I bet. But on the other hand, Facebook is now a huge company like Microsoft and Google, etc. and so it will adapt quickly to any competition.

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