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3 years and going, and still our fruits and veggies in MA are often from CA! “If You Think the Water Crisis Can’t Get Worse, Wait Until the Aquifers Are Drained”

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Destroying the earth by buying organic locally produced food?

Philip Greenspun has a great point here.

I think he’s right. I also have probably written on the blog before that CSAs that mean an extra drive each week needs to be considered (since the farm is probably not right on your commute to work or on the way to the grocery store you’d be driving to anyway). If you drive a 20MPG car, are those nice local bio-dynamic vegetables really worth the 1/2 gallon of gas you just burned driving 5 milesx2 to the farm? Visualize 1/2 gallon of gas for a second. It’s not!

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ethical meat is solar and…

The NY Times “Ethicist” column had a writing contest. The winner: Give Thanks for Meat

??? Yes and No. The killing issue aside–though HOW that is done is also important (Temple Grandin!)–the problem I see is that it is 99.9% impossible to buy such ethical meat in a store. At least Whole Foods pretty much admits that–they have a ranking system 1-5 (5 best I believe?) and one never sees meat above a 2 I think it is (and this is organic). Our biodynamic CSA back in Amherst (brookfield) had once or twice a year meat sales, and this probably qualifies. And backyard eggs.

– solar (limit fossil fuels used in the farming and raising) (Michael Pollan)
– ethical treatment including leading up to and slaughter (Temple Grandin)
– part of a biodynamic process (Brookfield Farm)
– local (again limiting some fossil fuels, and also supporting the local economy)

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