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artificial food coloring

Lots of artificial food coloring that is used regularly in the US is banned in Europe. That’s lame.


In the U.S.
Kellogg’s Strawberry Nutrigrain bars are colored with Red 40, Yellow 6 and Blue 1

In the U.K.
Kellogg’s Strawberry NutriGrain bars are colored with beet root, annatto and paprika extract

In the U.S.
McDonald’s Strawberry Sundaes are colored with Red #40

In the U.K.
McDonald’s Strawberry Sundaes are colored with… (wait for it!) strawberries

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3 years and going, and still our fruits and veggies in MA are often from CA! “If You Think the Water Crisis Can’t Get Worse, Wait Until the Aquifers Are Drained”

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calcium propionate seems to cause our son to stutter

Just a note that our current theory on A’s sporadic stuttering (none for a while now) is that it was most likely due to an allergy/sensitivity to calcium propionate, a preservative used in bread. (Well, crappy/typical bread that we get only sometimes, hence the “sporadic”). We are in the beginning stages of re-introducing a few other things — like we might try raspberry jam, high in salicylates — but calcium propionate is my current theory. Well, and I suppose it could be a combo.

Regardless…. Food preservatives. Just say no.

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Red#40 should be banned

“In Europe, Allura Red AC is not recommended for consumption by children. It is banned in Denmark, Belgium, France and Switzerland, and was also banned in Sweden until the country joined the European Union in 1994. The European Union approves Allura Red AC as a food colorant, but EU countries’ local laws banning food colorants are preserved.”

Add to that Yellow#5 and Yellow#6.

All three of these artifical colorings have been implicated in:

McCann D, Barrett A, Cooper A, et al. (November 2007). “Food additives and hyperactive behaviour in 3-year-old and 8/9-year-old children in the community: a randomised, double-blinded, placebo-controlled trial”. Lancet 370 (9598): 1560–7. doi:10.1016/S0140-6736(07)61306-3. PMID 17825405.

Food coloring, or color additive

My take on this is that, like with lots of different things, some people are fine with it, some people are not so fine, and some are really bad and must avoid completely. For example… here’s a quote I read:

“We cannot do Red 40 at all in our house. When our four year old has even the smallest amount it leads to diarrhea, mood swings, hyper activity, stuttering, night terrors, and it is a trigger for her absence seizures. When our two year old has even the smallest amount it leads to hyper activity, and full body hives. We have had to eliminate it entirely from our home and that includes things like medicine, toothpaste, and lip gloss even. I will never forget when our two year old licked some pink girlie lip gloss and got a rash on her face that made her look like the joker.”

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