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The problem with 180 days of school is that 180 days is 36 full weeks (180/5…. when subtracting school vacation weeks and holidays) so that means 16 weeks are left.  And I don’t have 16 weeks of vacation time!

And family with 2 working parents (or single parents) are well aware of this.  Heck, even families with a stay-at-home-parent are often aware of it.

Options for pre-teens:

– screens (tv, computer, video games) or other at-home fun.

– camps (of which there are many types… day, overnight, weekday overnight, general, special topic/interest or a 1/2-1/2 mix with general)

– grandparents

– babysitters/nannies

– unorganized neighborhood fun (rare these day)

– organized neighborhood fun/kid-watching coops

– sports leagues, bands, orchestras, lessons (dance, music, martial arts) etc etc etc

– neighborhood pool coop/pool club

Many of these still require a parent around for either transport (typical camps are 9-4 unless you do pre and/or after care for example) and you can’t drop a kid at most pools unless they are at least 12.

Just saying.  It’s very tricky to work this out.  Even for parents who are lucky enough to a) be married and b) have flexible work schedules

In some European countries it is a little better since they have less summer vacation.  But they often make up for it with more time off during the school year.  2 weeks off at 3 different times plus random days off) = 7 weeks off vs our 5 weeks (in Massachusetts, USA)

1- columbus day
2- thanksgiving thu and fri
10- winter break – 2 weeks
1- mlk day
5- feb vaca week
5- april vaca week
1- memorial day

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