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the way i roll…

Since I do work for a variety of clients, I am of course happy to adopt whatever systems and styles they use if it is important to them. But I do have my personal preferences if I have the choice:

FONT: Verdana, 8 pt (I believe I have used Geneva on Mac in the past)
The basic point is that there is no need to use monospaced fonts with the languages I typically use: PHP/MySQL/Javascript


INDENT STYLE: Allman Style

if (foo) 

1 – AVOID: blocks of code that don’t fit in one small screen
2 – AVOID: nested IFs or LOOP. In almost every situation it can much more readably coded with a max depth of 1

And generally if you have more than about 1 level of {}’s in your method/function then you are probably failing at #1 above.

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gmail’s new compose window – summer 2013

gmail/google recently made it non-optional to use the new compose window. The best solution I’ve seen so far is simply to revert to the “plain HTML” version — Even the larger version is annoying. Not just the size/overlay aspect to it. But also the abstracting-away of the email addresses, instead showing “Erik Haugsjaa X”

So someone let me know when gmail stops forcing the new compose window. Until then i am using the ?ui=html version. it’s great! I might switch to yahoo or fastmail at this rate! The main advantage to gmail vs the others at the time was superior spam filtering. perhaps that’s still a problem elsewhere?

This is a bit of an aside, but I also currently prefer fastmail’s handling of business accounts for email vs. google apps. It’s an added expense, but might be worth it vs IT time depending on your needs.

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