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A go-to salad

MEDIUM has caught my eye recently. My go-to place for reading quick work-break articles. I haven’t read about it–medium itself–I’ll wait for the rundown in the NYer 🙂 but it seems to be going for the space between blogs and a good magazine. So, somehow a more editorially controlled platform somehow. Right now, it’s a locked-down group who can publish, but presumably at some point it will open up. And then the question will be 1) how will they possibly keep the editorial quality up. And 2) how will it make money.

I suppose it will be sorta doomed eventually (#1 wise), but Ev obviously has some ideas and it will probably succeed for a time with #2. I should read about it. But I can’t stop reading articles like this:

“You must have a go-to salad in your life”
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And this!

“Why Coke Exists”
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Maybe I like articles like these because they are sorta like NYer articles… jumping back and forth between the historical/big-picture and a personal story, right in the same article. But shorter.

OK, I figured Dave Winer was interested in MEDIUM too and sure enough…

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