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FACT: NPR blackout of Sanders – 8/8/2015 – what else are they not reporting?

Dear NPR,

You have lost my support FOREVER unless there is a quick and dramatic turnaround in your almost complete blackout of mentioning Bernie Sanders’ candidacy for President. This makes me wonder how often this happens on any number of topics every single day. I want ALL the news!

The facts:

I just listened to WAIT WAIT DON’T TELL ME (“the NPR news quiz”) on 8/8/2015 and who did they mention as someone who could live up the Dem race? BIDEN! And NO mention of Sanders (who is already running and in many polls is equal to Clinton) Peter Sagal and his guests… and no one utters the Sanders name. One said something to the effect that Biden could be the anti-Clinton? How about the actual candidate who already could be seen as the anti-Clinton? This coverage is appalling. Shocking. Frightening. Yes, I understand that the gist was maybe supposed to be that Biden is funny like Trump is funny, but if so, it didn’t really come across, at least to this distracted dad making breakfast while listening to NPR.

Yes, I saw this link from your ombudsman: Feelin’ The Bern: Sanders Devotees Speak Out About NPR’s Coverage
But… several times it mentions “they feel NPR has ignored Sanders”. Feel? NPR has all their stories in databases and can probably tell me exactly how many times and for how long each candidate has been mentioned across any or all programs.

Please show me the info (perhaps a URL) that shows me the stories you have done mentioning Sanders so I can be proven wrong. I haven’t seen them or heard them. From what I can tell, the last time Sanders was mentioned directly in an NPR headline was 7/16/2015 — more than 3 weeks ago. This one:

Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders Tout Small Donors; Here’s The Math

Here is the google search I used:


UPDATE: Here is a link to some stats a commenter pulled up: LINK

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