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Why College Is Necessary But Gets You Nowhere

Why College Is Necessary But Gets You Nowhere
“…the demand for well-educated workers in the United States seems to have peaked around 2000 and fallen since. But the supply of well-educated workers has continued to grow.”

My comment: It’s true that it is rough out there, but it is also true that you can’t really make a personal decision like this based on aggregate data of the kind that produces such articles. I mean, for instance, I really think it depends greatly on what you are studying. Wanna be a teacher or professional engineer, or doctor, or any of a number of things which require both a particular degree and a certification exam? Well, you gotta go to college. Only a certificate exam needed? Well, there you go. Neither needed? (Like most software development jobs…) Well… you might consider taking your chances and make an effort:

“We find no evidence that employers prefer applicants with resumes listing a for-profit college relative to those whose resumes list either a community college or no college at all.”
Callback rates for resumes posted on — public vs private colleges (especially for jobs requiring a certification… the school doesn’t matter) (which links to another similar study:

Click to access resumeauditstudy_final_092114_dd.pdf

The coming Higher Ed crash – Mark Cuban

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