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My Bueno y Sano Acton Review

Bueno y Sano in Acton is getting rough treatment by some yelp users in 2012/2013.

Here is my assessment of the situation as an experienced Bueno goer from Amherst and Northampton (in the former Cha-Cha-Cha/Cha^3/bank location). I shook Bob Lowry’s hand as one of the very first customers in Amherst one day when he was demonstrating how to assemble to an employee. Before they even had tables! Back hey still had competition from another burrito place just down the alley… El Acuna.

Acton Bueno Complaints/My responses:

1. “Soft taco!?!”: Yeah, the soft tacos are not tacos. They should probably take those off the menu. It annoys people too much. And they are not a great deal.

2. “Bland”: My guess is that people are not realizing that there is some really tasty sauce (on the side from a pump). Yes, perhaps if one doesn’t realize that, it’s too mild. The hot sauce is hot enough for me. And I haven’t tried the green (very hot).

3. “Too expensive/too small”: I agree that Acton is making them a little too small. Though maybe it’s gotten a little better in recent months. Back in the day at least, the “normal” sized ones at Bueno Amherst would just about not close, and a “grande” would usually literally rip open it was so big. BIG.

That’s about all I have to say. Tastes like classic Bueno to me. Yum!

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