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Stress may actually be good for you

Stress may actually be good for you. Stanford psychologist Kelly McGonigal and George Mason professor Todd Kashdan explain the evolving research on pressure.

Not just fight or flight.

“There’s a lot of evidence that you can have a stress response that makes you more caring, not more hostile. You can have a stress response that helps you grow, become stronger and smarter, not necessarily weaker and more exhausted. And we don’t totally know yet all of the determinants of why you have a stress response that helps you thrive while another person that has a stress response that really isn’t helpful,”

And cue the TED Talk:

A study “tracked 30,000 adults over eight years. The study asked participants the simple question: “Do you believe that stress is harmful for your health?” They also tracked death records for these people over the eight-year period. The ironic outcome: people who died from stress died not from stress but from the belief that stress was bad for them. Those who didn’t believe it was harmful experienced no negative effects on their health.”

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