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low-flow showerheads review

Over at the wirecutter they write in their article about showerheads: “If you go less than 1.5 gpm you’re going to have to spend so much time in the shower rinsing off that you will waste more water than if you didn’t.”

That’s totally not true (in my experience). We have been very happy with our 1.0 gpm Bricor and that includes the resident with VERY LONG AND THICK hair. No complaints. At all.

It’s also probably news to the 140 people giving this 1.25 GPM showerhead (Niagara Earth Massage) a 4.5 out of 5 star rating at Amazon. It’s also a cheap experiment, since it’s less than $10.

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Best Headphones Ever (in case you were wondering)

SONY MDR-V6. Owner since 1988. (yes, 1988). Just replaced the pads for like $11. Like new.
Wow wow wow. 238 Amazon reviewers give them an avg of about 4.5. Easily!

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