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The SVS Report: May 10, 2013

The school report according to my fired-up oldest after bursting in the door: “Tons of running! — newcomb, soccer, ultimate…”

What? No pickle or “capture”? Not today I guess. 😉 And we rode our bikes to and from today.

(I’ll report back on a rainy day when it is all inside play for comparison.)

And really, I have no idea what his day was really like. Except that he loves going to school. That’s what is important. The rest I trust will take care of itself.

And BTW, the reason it works I think:
1. People are naturally curious and have a innate desire to figure out the world and their place in it and what they want to do — day-to-day, next week, and when they “grow up”.
2. Schools don’t raise kids, families do.
3. His time at school is HIS time. No judgement.

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