Stow House – Papers and presentations

Published papers and presentations from studies including the Stow House

Fraunhofer and LBNL — Miscellaneous plug-load monitoring:

1. The “Other” Energy in Buildings: Wireless Power Metering of Plug-in Devices”, Steven Lanzisera, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, 17 June 2011

Fraunhofer — Whole house energy monitoring and inside and outside temperature sensors and inside CO2 sensors:

2. Engelmann, Peter and Kurt Roth, “Energy Consumption and User Comfort In Cold Climate NZEHs”, ASHRAE Annual Conference, Montreal, Canada, June 28, 2011

UMass/Lowell — Whole house energy monitoring of ZEHs

3. “Energy performance of net-zero and near net-zero energy homes in New England” by Thomas, Walter D., Ph.D., UNIVERSITY OF MASSACHUSETTS LOWELL, 2012, 362 pages; 3536599

Fraunhofer and LBNL — Indoor Air Quality monitoring:

4. “Ventilation Control of Volatile Organic Compounds in New U.S. Homes: Results of a Controlled Field Study in Nine Residential Units”, Henry Willem, Erin L. Hult, Toshifumi Hotchi, Marion L. Russell, Randy L. Maddalena, Brett C. Singer, LBNL, Environmental Energy Technologies Division, January 2013