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NYTimes: You can do better. Sanders deserves equal coverage

Yeah, NYTimes, I’ve been complaining about NPR, but that is some pretty sparse coverage yourself! Last linked “Bernie Sanders” article is from July 25? http://topics.nytimes.com/top/reference/timestopics/people/s/bernard_sanders/index.html

So I dunno, equal coverage seems reasonable. At least for the top 4 candidates per party. No? Otherwise, what is this … advertising the leader? … regurgitating press releases? Or what?

What else are you not providing fair and balanced coverage of?



1) Dave Winer: They forgot the readers
“PPS: The Times really needs an editor to rep the interests of readers. They don’t have one. Margaret Sullivan is repping the NYT internal line. ”

2) Jay Rosen: “How dumb should an ombudsman assume Americans to be?
NPR’s Jeffrey Dvorkin forces us to ask that. His answer: very dumb indeed.”

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